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    “Wear your Heart on Your Nails” Nail Art Stickers by Phem Beauty

    by Phem Beauty

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    Add some extra love to your nail art with these 3-dimensional heart and colorful dot nail stickers.

    1. Effortless Application: Easily place these nail art stickers with tweezers for a seamless finish.
    2. Textured Elegance: Enhance your nail art experience with 3D stickers that add a touchable dimension.
    3. Minimal to Intricate: Choose between a single delicate heart or create intricate patterns with multiple hearts and dots for versatile styling.
    4. Dynamic Dot Design: Amp up your nail art game with dimensional dots for a trendsetting look.

    Method of Usage:

    1. Finish your nails according to your desired style.
    2. Apply our heart and dot stickers for an extra touch of flair to your nail art manicure.
    3. Start by placing one edge onto the nail, then gently smooth the rest of the sticker down.
    4. For precise application, use pointed tweezers.
    5. Seal with a topcoat for a long-lasting finish.

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    Also, that covetable mug featured is by Beth Bailey. Check out her work at!

    Each package includes one sheet.