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    The MOON TOWER ARCHITECT Makeup Mixing Ring

    by Phem Beauty

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    Architectural, modern, and practical. Like towers on the moon. The Moon Tower Architect ring is a sculptural gold vermeil ring designed for mixing cosmetics and holding eye paints. There are four saucers: two top and two bottom. Rocks and asteroids will ding the ring’s surface. Adds character!

    Weighing in at a whopping 28 grams, this ring is the heavyweight accessory of the group. 

    Other uses: Place the ring on the countertop or table, thread your brushes through the ring band, and voila! You have a brush rest.

    Disclaimer! We recommend water-activated cosmetics. Nail polish will remove the polished finish. Rings cannot be returned if the polished finish has been dulled.

    Sizing: Styles with thicker ring bands have a snugger fit. The more metal around your finger, the more space it takes up and the tighter it fits. Print a ring size guide to find your size. Can't access a printer? Request a printout at and I'll mail you one. 

    Gold Vermeil Sculptural Makeup Mixing Ring

    Made in Los Angeles

    Weight: 28 grams